Tuesday, November 9, 2010

tonight i wanna write the sweetest poem

have you ever felt
so down
so dissapointed?
i had
and havin it now

tonight i wanna write the sweetest poem
tonught i must write the sweetest poem

it was all for you
i do it for you
i wrote it for you
and yet
you don't understand it
you won't reciprocate it

i wanna write the sweetest poem
for you
i love
whom i'll never

who made me smile
even when the
Sun refuses to shine
when the
Stars don't twinkle
or when
the moon
won't light up
my gloomy night

when i can't see the rainbow

u made me smile

who made me smile all day
and made me giggle at the thought
of bein with u
and holdin ye hand

whose picture i gaze at
all day long
whose voice lingers round my head
all night long

who never fails to appear in my dream

i wanna write the sweetest poem
i must write the sweetest poem
to you
whom i love..~~

but who killed their love?

the two person i love most
and to the love
that has died

life was a fairytale
two lives were a fairytale

love was so deep
so beautiful
they thought nothin
nothin could go wrong

she thought he was the one
she believed that he was the one

she was SURE he was the one

he had loved her
he had cared for her

and once
he gave all his life to be with her

that was once
once upon a time

that was not

and it surely will not end
happily ever after

love was not a fairytale

but who killed their love?

who changed their direction?
who changed their plan??

the plan was simple

to love each other for the rest of their lives

and when they vowed I Do
and looked at each other in the eyes

they had onced love

but who killed their love


cinta tu
kadang-kadang buatmu gembira
buatmu tersenyum
berhari-hari lamanya

kadang-kadang buat hidupmu indah

namun cinta yg kau katakan
memberimu kehidupan
cinta itu membunuhmu

cinta itu buatmu menangis
buatmu marah
buatmu tidak boleh tidur
memikirkan cinta

dan kadang-kadang
cinta buatmu tidak keruan

kadang-kadang cinta itu
memberimu semangat

namun ada masa
cinta itu mematahkan semangatmu
bila cintamu tidak terbalas

cinta itu...rumit

so long and goodbye love

cuz u'r bidding farewell anyway

i love u
u love me too

i was the oh-so-innocent gal
u were the bookworm

i laughed as u taught me how to drive
and pretended to listen when u explain to me
Bout engine..

we love each other

but we are different
we are far

And u were leaving

i'm dependent
u're never here

but i love u
and u love me too

u listen to my stories at nyte
and tell me urs

we whisper secret
and we share love

i love u
and u love me too

So long

its all lies

its all lies

when u ask me if
i'm cryin
and i tell u
its just dust
its a lie

they say
when a man loves u
u're the most beautiful
in his eyes

guess what?
its a lie

when he says
that he's
smitten with u
its a fucking lie

thats when he couldn't wait to leave

they say
loving someone
makes u sacrifice
for thy lover

that,in fact, my dear
is a lie

when i remain silent
and u ask if i am ok
and i say

its all lies

fallin' out

first time
i laid my eyes on you
it feels like Raya morning

pure happiness

no doubts, no worries
just happy

and today i said
it aint a fairy tale anymore

u know
u help me co-exist
u make me live smilin
when i wake up and everything goes wrong

u know
i live my life for you
you whom i think of all night long
you whom i cry missin every night when there's nothing but darkness..

u said, when i miss u, just look at the stars that accompany the dark night
know what?
there's no more stars

i love stars
now they kill me
as i am reminiscin the day
i listen to your heart beats and stargazin

now u're fallin out
of love
of me

the littlest things
keep us together

but baby,
u're fallin out

and i shall fade away
fade...and gone

gone with the wind..

when u leave me, can i keep the last name?


all i ever wanted
is to be loved


life is short
and all I ever wanted
is for somebody to love me again

somebody to make me smile
and shine like fireworks in summer skies

how enchanting it is
to be enamored

it's like being put on a spell all over

i want to be loved
and to love again

loving someone
caring for someone
missing for someone
smiling n waking up in the morning
and going to sleep and thinking of someone

i'm in love


not again.