Tuesday, November 9, 2010

fallin' out

first time
i laid my eyes on you
it feels like Raya morning

pure happiness

no doubts, no worries
just happy

and today i said
it aint a fairy tale anymore

u know
u help me co-exist
u make me live smilin
when i wake up and everything goes wrong

u know
i live my life for you
you whom i think of all night long
you whom i cry missin every night when there's nothing but darkness..

u said, when i miss u, just look at the stars that accompany the dark night
know what?
there's no more stars

i love stars
now they kill me
as i am reminiscin the day
i listen to your heart beats and stargazin

now u're fallin out
of love
of me

the littlest things
keep us together

but baby,
u're fallin out

and i shall fade away
fade...and gone

gone with the wind..

when u leave me, can i keep the last name?

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